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Company profile

Best Pacific International Holdings Limited (the "Company" or "Best Pacific", a company listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited, Stock Code: 02111), along with its subsidiaries (the "Group"), is principally engaged in the production and sales of elastic fabric, elastic webbing and lace.
“Built on Innovation & Technology” is the core value of our business. We continue to provide customers with unique value-added innovations and strategically enriched their new products offering.
Over the years, Best Pacific has grown into a renowned sportswear and apparel fabric materials supplier. We partner with the world’s leading sportswear and apparel brands including ^ ANTA, FILA, Lululemon, Under Armour, and UNIQLO, as well as other international sportswear and apparel brands.
Being the leader in the global lingerie material market, we offer a one-stop procurement solution for lingerie brand owners for a comprehensive range of lingerie materials at Best Pacific. We have long-term and close collaborations with leading lingerie brands including ^Aimer, Chantelle, Embry Form, Maniform, Marks & Spencer, Spanx, Triumph, Victoria’s Secret and Wacoal. The Group's one-stop solution enable customers to centralise procurement, helping them lower inventory levels, shorten production lead time and synchronise the colours of different lingerie materials.
International footprint
China: Our first production base in Machong Town, Dongguan City was built in 2004. The construction of Phase VII of our production plant in Machong Town, Dongguan City was completed in 2021. Nowadays, our production plant in Machong Town, Dongguan City has a total gross floor area of approximately 215,000 sq. m with more than 5,500 employees.
Vietnam: The commencement of our internationalization strategy started in 2016 and we built our first overseas factory in Hai Duong Province, Vietnam. The construction of Phase I and Phase II of our production plant in Vietnam was completed in 2017 and 2019 respectively with a total gross floor area of approximately 123,000 sq. m.. Currently, our subsidiary in Vietnam has more than 1,400 employees.
Sri Lanka:
In 2017, we entered into a joint venture agreement with Brandix Lanka Limited ("Brandix"). We then built our production plant in Pannala of Sri Lanka, the construction of Phase I of which was completed in 2019 and has a total gross floor area of approximately 45,000 sq. m.. Currently, it has more than 800 employees.
In 2018, we completed the acquisition of 51% equity interest of Trischel Fabric (Private) Limited ("Trischel") from MAS Holdings (Pvt) Ltd ("MAS"). Trischel’s production plant is located at Thulhiriya of Sri Lanka and has more than 1,100 employees at present.
Brandix and MAS are our major customers with long-term business relationships, and they are two of the largest apparel and textile manufacturers in the world. Brandix and MAS have more than 40 and 50 manufacturing locations around the world respectively.
Best Pacific had certainly been one of the pioneers and advocates in the industry who had made substantial investments in its internationalization plan. Giving credits to our international manufacturing footprint, we are to provide sustainable supply chain solutions to cater for the best interests of our customers which encompassed reduction in production lead time, catering for other trade and tariff considerations as well as reduction of supply chain disturbances resulted from the intermittent anti-pandemic measures. The agility and resilience of our business model has certainly won the applause from our eminent customers.
Competitiveness and honours
With the belief that reliable delivery of quality products to our customers is critical to our success, we have implemented quality control procedures throughout our production process, from the purchase of raw materials through to packaging. Our Group has received ISO9001 certification from SGS United Kingdom Ltd. since 2011 and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification from Testex since 2013. Our quality control standards have been certified by a number of brand owners, which allow us to conduct in-house quality testing without engaging a third party laboratory.
Leveraging its advanced technological capabilities, two core subsidiaries of the Group were certificated as a "High and New Technology Enterprise" by the Guangdong Provincial authorities since 2010 and 2016 respectively. In addition, it was also named a "Model Enterprise for Processing Trade Transformation and Upgrade in Guangdong Province" by the Municipal People's Government of Dongguan and the Guangdong Provincial Department of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation in 2012. We were honoured with the "Best IR Company for an IPO" by the Hong Kong Investor Relations Association Limited and the "FEMMY Award (Supplier Category)" by the U.S. Underfashion Club in 2015 and early 2016 respectively. Our innovative and highly functional products also won us many prizes, we were given the "ISPO Textrends Top Ten" award in 2020 and "Fabrics China Appraisal Entry Enterprise - Excellent Product Award" in 2021. We were also given the "2021 Top Ten Innovative Textile Products" by China National Textile and Apparel Council in 2021. The Group has also applied for a number of patents in the PRC for materials in relation to its business.
Being one of the world’s leading textile manufacturers, Best Pacific also puts tremendous efforts in better sustainability development, our group has received several international certifications including, ISO14001 certification from SGS United Kingdom Ltd. since 2008, Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals certification issued by Bluesign Technologies Ag since 2017, and HIGG FEM and FSLM certifications issued by Sustainable Apparel Coalition since 2018 and 2020 respectively.
Staff welfare
The Group has been constantly putting resources in improving our staff welfare, including staff meals and accommodation, travelling subsidies and vehicle purchasing subsidies, etc. We respect and uphold the utmost beneficial consideration to every member of its workforce as our corporate culture.
Looking ahead
We aspire to broaden its customer base by expanding into new segments and markets, to enhance the one-stop solutions by expanding its product portfolio, to expand its production capacity and streamline and standardise its production process, as well as to further strengthen its research and development capabilities. Leveraging on our continuous commitment and strong growth momentum, we will enlarge our market share, strengthen our competitiveness and reinforce our position as a leading global one-stop solutions provider of lingerie materials, as well as proactively capture the great potentials in sportswear and lace markets, to develop ourselves into a product-comprehensive and technology-innovative corporation.

^ Brands are arranged in alphabetical order