Developing Talent

Career Path

The Group has been putting a lot of focuses on developing individual talents. Our staff are provided with opportunities to further their career development, by launching different training programmes at various levels, both in the managerial roles and in their technical advancement. Through developing talents according to the relevant positions and technique aspects, our staff are equipped with the necessary core competence and managerial skills, which in turns, contributes to the success of Best Pacific.

Training Talents

Comprehensive training, which forms the solid foundation for the sustainable growth of Best Pacific, is provided to our staff on a continual basis.

These training programmes include New Hires Training Camp, Talent Scheme, and a series of On-The-Job Trainings.

1.New Hires Training Camp

Orientation and training camps are organized to attract nova to Best Pacific. Campus recruitment at the textile tertiary schools provide us with the building blocks of our professional team which is vital to the success of Best Pacific.

2.Talent Scheme

Subsidies are given to eligible staff who would like to furnish themselves with the necessary competence through completing the relevant tertiary educational programmes with a satisfactory standard. Best Pacific has the belief that continuous individual developments are the key elements to the sustainable growth of the Group.

3.On-The-Job Trainings

On-The-Job Trainings provide the existing staff with opportunities to gain technical competence and management skills through On-The-Job experience.

4.Training institutes

Best Pacific Institute of Technology and Research and Best Pacific School of Management and Administration were officially established in June 2016, which marked the milestone of the Group to cultivate versatile management staff and to further improve its corporate governance. The strong support in research and development and in operational management has laid a solid foundation for the sustainable growth of Best Pacific in the future.