Design, Research & Development

Through its dedication in research and development to produce innovative products, our Group has developed a diversified portfolio of high-performance lingerie, sportswear and apparel materials, which focus on quality, comfort and functionality.

As at 31 December 2021, the Group’s research and development team comprise over 100 design technicians and managers who are led by Dr. Jason Hu, a member of the Group’s senior management team. The Group has been applying for patents in the PRC which are material to our business. In recognition of the Group’s strong research and development capability, we have been designated a High and New Technology Enterprise by the Guangdong provincial government since 2010.

In terms of design, the Group has established a design studio in Qingdao City to capture local talents and innovation since 2012. To keep abreast of market trends, the Group also works closely with a French fashion consulting firm, to gain insights in the design, trends, colours and choice of threads and materials for our elastic fabric, elastic webbing and lace products.

With its strong research and development capabilities, the Group has been able to strengthen and maintain collaborations with lingerie, sportswear and apparel brands and raw material suppliers. The research and development team works closely with the design departments of brand owners and lingerie, sportswear and apparel manufacturers to meet evolving consumer demands, which enables us to provide newly-developed products to clients on an exclusive basis. On the other hand, the research and development team works closely with the Group’s major raw materials suppliers, who are leading players in the nylon and spandex industries, to jointly develop new fabrics or materials in response to evolving market demands.

The Group proactively reinforces its research and development capability, with the belief that its long-term success and growth will largely depend on its ability to improve existing products and develop new products that meet customers’ needs. The main focus of our research and development facility will be on the development of different types and designs of our products. Meanwhile, the Group will also cooperate with local universities to recruit talented university graduates, to complement and enhance innovation through cultural exchange and the recruitment of new personnel.